My child does not have any swimming experience/can not swim independently, can he still participate?

Absolutely! The No Limits TRYathlon is put on in partnership with AngelFishGA. Attend the assessment clinic and proficiency clinics and an AngelFishGA instructor will assess your child’s abilities. All athletes will be assisted across the pool using floats and other equipment as needed to be able to participate to their fullest ability!

My daughter is scared of water, does she have to do all three portions of the race?

Nope- just check the option during registration to skip the swimming portion. If you later change your mind, feel free to contact us!

My son has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and doesn’t like really loud, enclosed places. I’m concerned he will have a meltdown in the pool area. Is there an alternative for the swim portion?

When you sign up, there is an option to skip the swim if the noise level in the pool is too overwhelming for your child. You can also come to the swim assessment day and proficiency clinics, and we can try to work out a swim option that works for you and your child. We are also adding a “quiet” heat for the swimming portion for our noise sensitive swimmers.

My child isn’t potty trained. Will he be able to do the swim portion?

Gwinnett County requires that swimmers who are not potty trained to wear a disposable swim diaper in addition to plastic swim pants and a swimming suit. If you have trouble finding these items, they can be purchased at the front desk of the aquatic center.

We watched the Kids Triathlon and the participants didn’t change after swimming. My daughter won’t tolerate wearing a wet swimsuit for the bike and run. Can she change?

Of course! Most of our athletes change in between the swim and bike portions of the NLT. Parents support this during the event.

My daughter rides an adapted bike in therapy, but we don’t have one. Are there going to be bikes to borrow?

Yes! The No Limits TRYathlon is sponsored by Freedom Concepts and All About Kids Therapy Services. We will have a variety of bikes and trikes available to borrow on race day. If your child needs to borrow a bike, you must bring her to the assessment day or bike proficiency clinic so that we can be sure to have an appropriate size and type bike for her abilities. If you cannot make it to either pre-race event, please contact us for other arrangements at:


My son participated in a biking clinic, but he is still a little wobbly on his bike. Can he use training wheels?

Definitely! The No Limits TRYathlon is designed for participants to use any adaptations necessary. The biking portion can be completed using a two-wheeled bike, a bicycle with training wheels, tricycle, scooter, or adapted bike. Each athlete will have a buddy to make sure that they are safe for the whole race. Helmets are required for all participants for the biking portion.

Sometimes, my daughter uses a wheelchair and sometimes she uses her walker, what should she use for the running portion?

She can use whichever she is most comfortable with. If you think she might be too tired after swimming and biking, it might be best for her to use her wheelchair. But, if she has the energy, have her use her walker! Talk to your child’s therapist and they may be able to help decide. If you choose one option at registration, you are welcome to change it later.